Off The Hook and BeeeYooond!!!

In my studies of the comics, I have learn that a comic strip has to be about something, to be more marketable for the syndicates. For example: Dilbert is about the workplace, peanuts is about children's view of the world, Calvin and Hobbes is about a child's imagination, Zits is about a teenager's relationship with his parents. What do you think Off The Hook about? (This is you're assignment for this week if you're a reader of this comic strip.)


kris said...

most of your comics tie in closely with popular culture. So i'd have to say popular culture is your theme.

Antonio said...

Very good Kris.
I had not thought of it that way, but come to think of it,
a lot of my ideas are derived from popular culture.

Thank you for your comment.

chillpaw said...

i think pop culture is a good start for a theme, but i think you have to commit to either just doing random pop culture gags, or something like you have with the kids where they all have names and interact with each other. just saying its a strip about "pop culture" seems like it might be too broad of a spectrum.

Antonio said...

Thank you chiilpaw for your good advise.I still haven't committed to any one theme in particular.Pop culture has been one of the things that I get my ideas from.I think it may become on aspect of the strip.

Thanks again for your inputs.

I look forward to seeing your your strip.